| Circle 7 Cage | Music Video |

Filmado en California en la Feria Internacional de San diego.

Fue producido, filmado y editado con cuatro cámaras diferentes, un solo operador, dos Sony Vg20, Una Gopro y una Kodak. Si no has tenido oportunidad de escuchar a la banda, sus excelentes riffs y acordes, puedes Escucharlos en sus enlaces : circle7band.com/ Y facebook.com/circle7band Espero les guste, compártanlo, ayuden a otros a conocer estos grandes talentos !

Produced by AlcanMedia. This videoclip was filmed on a live concert in California. At San Diego International Fair.

One man crew… produced, filmed, directed and edited with four different cameras, was indeed one of the biggest challenges that i had faced so far, but i was so happy to work with Circle 7 on something different.

The lead singer of this awesome band its AWESOME, and if you haven´t heard their wonderful riffs and chords you don´t know what you are missing.

Check them out at: circle7band.com/ and facebook.com/circle7band If you like it share it and let others find out how awesome this band is !

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